We know that our bodies need oxygen. If we can’t breathe, we die. But what does our body do with the oxygen once it’s inside? Oxygen is the fuel that each cell needs to metabolize the food we eat. So no oxygen, no function.

And what about in an injury? Those injured cells need extra oxygen to help them heal. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a great tool for recovering from an injury. And from recovering from surgery. The more oxygen you have in your body and in your blood, the faster you heal.

It’s very common for us to get calls from patients getting ready to undergo plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and surgical repair of sports injuries. Hyperbaric oxygen helps you heal faster. If you can get in before and after your surgery, it’s that much better. Don’t suffer longer than you need to. Come on in for a hyperbaric oxygen session.

What does Our Body do with the Oxygen?