Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy continues to make headway as a healing modality in the United States. Last week, an Indiana newspaper reported that the state of Indiana is actively pursuing funding for a state of the art Hyperbaric facility to treat veterans. This is outstanding!

So many of our veterans returning from the war in the Middle East have some level of traumatic brain injury. They are left with limited function, PTSD, and an inability to hold down a job. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy has been shown time and again to restore function to the brain, reduce inflammation, and increase healing time. This gets our vets back to their real lives a lot faster.

Dr Harch, the pioneer in hyperbaric medicine, has been actively advocating for hyperbaric therapy for our vets for years. Looks like his work is starting to pay off. If you are a veteran, or know of one, who has had a traumatic brain injury, please give us a call. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is so important in helping to restore the brain back to its healthy function.

Traumatic Brain Injury Healing With HBOT