Concussion. Our favorite topic around here. We’ve talked before about how helpful hyperbaric oxygen therapy is for helping to heal the brain after a concussion. But what happens if you’ve had multiple concussions over the years? Or what if you had a concussion 3 years ago, and feel like you never got back to feeling normal?

Yes, hyperbaric oxygen can still help. Conventional medicine really doesn’t have many tools for treating concussion. It’s usually some version of rest and waiting. But who has time to wait for 3 months, 6 months, even up to 2 years? Months and years later, there can still be some slight swelling, decreased blood flow, and decreased neuron activity. Hyperbaric oxygen can help even years later because the brain loves oxygen and needs it to get over the hump of healing.

Many patients with a recent concussion start to feel better within one to two treatments. Patients with older injuries or multiple injuries can take longer. One recent gentleman with 3 head injuries over 4 years didn’t start to feel better until the 20th visit. He was frustrated that it didn’t seem to be working. We asked him to trust the process and he hung in there. Now is brain fog is lifting, his headaches are decreasing and he is sleeping better.

The brain responds really well to hyperbaric oxygen. Sometimes it takes a little longer than we anticipate, but we almost always get there. If you are still struggling with post-concussive symptoms, please give us a call so we can help get healthy faster.

The role of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in older Multiple Concussions and Brain Injuries.