One of the places where we see hyperbaric oxygen shine is in the world of sports. Whether it be a concussion, a muscle strain, a broken bone, hyperbaric oxygen helps the body heal faster. However, it can also increase athletic performance.

A new study from January of this year looked at hyperbaric oxygen and exercise and found that 1 hour a week of hyperbaric oxygen therapy increased endurance and interval training capacity. The theory is that it increases oxidative and glycolytic capacity in skeletal muscle. In plain English, hyperbaric oxygen makes the muscles utilize oxygen and sugar better and increases potential for endurance.

1 hour a week to make you a better athlete…that’s better than most of those infomercials trying to sell you the new supplement of the week. JWhere could your game be after 4 weeks of hyperbaric? After 8 weeks? Give us a call to let us help you get healthy.

The Role of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Life of Athletes