Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of chronic illness and death in this country. Whilst defibrillators deliver electric shocks to the heart to save lives, not every heart attack victim can be saved. This is why preventative measures such as leading healthy lifestyles and avoiding a diet that will increase the risk of a heart attack event should be adopted in a widespread fashion. Most of us over age 40 get our cholesterol checked yearly and that is the extent of our approach to cardiac care until we end up with a heart attack, stroke, or we die. There is a whole world of preventative health care available for those of us with cardiovascular risk factors in our family; there is also a great tool to keep us healthy: hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

We know hyperbaric oxygen helps us heal faster after a heart attack and stroke by reducing inflammation and increasing oxygen flow to injured areas. But what if we can help prevent heart attacks and strokes? There’s a new article that just came out showing that hyperbarics can help with healing after a stent is placed in our arteries. Stents are placed in arteries of the heart when there is too much plaque, leading to decreased blood flow to the heart muscle. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reduces inflammation and increases healing markers which means it is stimulating the body to heal the heart. Healthy blood vessels help keep your heart healthy.

If you have current heart issues or have a family history of it, give us a call today to see how hyperbaric oxygen therapy can keep you healthy.

The Role of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Cardiovascular Disease