As we start the new year, let’s revisit how hyperbaric oxygen works. To start, let’s go over how our lungs work. The air that we breathe is 21% oxygen. As we take a breath in, the lungs absorb the oxygen in the air and transfers it to our bloodstream. Red blood cells have hemoglobin (which is partly iron) that latch onto the oxygen. Red blood cells carry oxygen around the entire body, distributing oxygen to your cells. We have very little free-floating oxygen in our blood.

When you receive a treatment of hyperbaric oxygen, you are breathing around 100% oxygen for that hour. And the chamber has a higher pressure on your body then outside it, which results in more oxygen available to your red blood cells. It also results in more free-floating oxygen in your blood stream. Now your body is super-saturated with oxygen. 

If you have had an injury, or a surgery, and blood vessels have been cut, some of those tiny capillaries have been damaged and red blood cells can’t get to the injury to help it heal. By having more free-floating oxygen, you can get more healing to the injury, thus healing faster. 

If you are anemic, meaning you are low in iron (hemoglobin), you have less red blood cells floating around carrying oxygen. This puts you at a constant state of being slightly oxygen deprived. Those of you who have anemia can attest to the fatigue you feel every day. Hyperbaric oxygen treatments help increase your oxygen and give you your energy back.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is so good for so many conditions. Give us a call to see if hyperbarics can help you lead a healthier life.

The Function of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Our Body.