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David C“O2 UP has been beyond my highest wishes in bringing my health to its optimum level at this time. The people are very nice, helpful and are like family!”

– David C.,
Los Angeles, CA


SebastienL“Hyperbaric therapy works. After each session I feel a significant boost in my stamina and performance. If you live and breathe in Los Angeles you must visit O2 UP!”

– Sebastien Lagree,
Celebrity trainer and fitness guru


YoramI am happy to endorse O2 UP’s Hyperbaric Therapy. I am 73 and have been a member of the “Chronic Pain Club” since I was 35. I have a degenerated spine both Lumbar and Cervical as well as a degenerated shoulder which has been doomed as “must be surgically replaced”.

I have been using a medication and exercise pain management regiment for as long as I can remember and have been able to avoid surgery by bringing the pain to tolerable levels most of the time.

Recently (about 9 month ago) I added Hyperbaric Therapy with O2 UP and since then my pain levels subsided to levels I have never imagined I could ever again attain. Though maybe for other people this would still be considered pain- for me now many days I can consider pain free. I know for sure my body inflammation levels have come down, I am able to sleep pain free at night, my shoulder range of motion increased and the overall feeling of wellbeing is there for me and with me. Needless to say how effective all these changes are on the quality of my life and my energy levels.

As I have made no other change to my pain management regiment I can only attribute these welcome changes/improvements to the Hyperbaric Therapy that you provide and I thank you for that.

– Yoram


Pamela D“After a few health issues I decided to give hyperbaric therapy a try. Happily, I came across Bryan and O2UP. Bryan is charming, gentle and knowledgeable. After the first three treatments, the pain in my hand subsided, my breathing deepened, and my energy improved.

O2UP is now part of my stay-healthy routine. An hour of serenity in Bryan’s “magic pod”, and I feel like I’ve done something very good for myself.”

– Pamela D.,
New York Times best selling author, Los Angeles


Stan C“Hyperbaric Therapy with Bryan at O2 UP has been great for me to heal and relax. O2 UP is a wonderful place to go and let go! I highly recommend it.”

– Stan C.,
Los Angeles


Beverly S“After my dive in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber at O2 UP I felt very relaxed. The therapy helped the neuropathy on my fingertips that was caused by chemotherapy as I was able to have more feeling.”

– Beverly S.,
Los Angeles


Carl G“I am thrilled to have found the Hyperbaric O2 chamber after breaking my clavicle. I am healing faster than expected and am back cycling after 6 weeks.”

– Carl G.,
Los Angeles


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