If you have spent any time in the anti-aging world, you’ve probably heard of stem cells. Stem cells are the body’s “mother” cells that can become any other cell. It’s like having a blank canvas and being able to create anything from it. The importance of stem cells is highlighted when it comes to healing. If our body needs more liver cells, or brain cells, or immune cells, it can call upon our stem cells to regenerate.

Part of our current theory on aging is that, just like other cells, the aging process takes a toll on our stem cells, which makes it harder for us to heal. What we are still researching is what kind of things trigger the stem cell to start dividing and become functional body cells.

One thing we have found to stimulate stem cell growth is Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. There have been numerous research studies showing that hyperbaric oxygen treatments increase our circulating stem cells. By increasing the stem cells in our body, we have an enhanced ability for physical repair.

In layman’s terms: after a heart attack, we can repair the heart faster. After a surgery, we can repair the wound faster. After a stroke, we can repair the brain faster, etc.

We can see that hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps the body to heal faster; now we know one more mechanism in the way that it works. It’s just another of the multiple benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy!

Stem Cells