I was at a Hyperbaric Oxygen Conference a few weeks ago and learned some great new information. The world of Hyperbaric medicine is relatively new as a structured modality. We have been playing with pressure and oxygen for hundreds of years, but with the advance in our technology we can start to study the beneficial effects…and hopefully apply them. We have known for a while that Hyperbaric oxygen helps with burn victims and large wound healing. These are the diagnoses that insurance will pay for in the hospital in the United States. But there is so much more it can do. There are 69 different diagnoses that are treated in China and 97 different diagnoses in Russia. That’s almost 10 times the amount of people getting help from Hyperbaric Oxygen!!
Just in the last 20 years, we’re seeing research into the anti-inflammatory effects and it’s ability to stimulate stem cells. A study was done on cells and their accompanying genes and it was found that over 8000 genes were affected by one 60 minute treatment. It benefited the genes that are anti-inflammatory and repairing, and it slowed down the genes that are inflammatory and caused cell death. It also saw the growth of new blood vessels. This new understanding of how Hyperbaric Oxygen works can pave the way for new research and new diseases being helped. Most chronic disease has some inflammation present. If hyperbaric oxygen helps shift away from inflammation, then this treatment has potential for almost every issue, as well as healthy aging. We have a very exciting future ahead of us…and a very healthy one.

Potential of Hyperbaric Oxygen