Lyme disease is such a controversial topic. No one debates the existence of acute Lyme disease from a tick bite, however, there is a huge debate over whether chronic lyme disease is real. Traditional medicine says you can’t have chronic Lyme; alternative medicine says you can.

Our current understanding is that the Borrelia bacteria is transmitted through the bite of a deer tick. The inflammation associated with fighting the bacteria creates joint pain, fever, and sometimes a rash. If it goes unrecognized, untreated, or undertreated, the bacteria can hide in the body and create havoc for years. Chronic Lyme sufferers have symptoms like brain fog, joint pain, fatigue, headaches, muscle ache, sleep issues, and more.

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment has been shown to help. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases oxygen into the body and the Borrelia bacteria cannot survive in oxygen-rich environments. You’ll see many Lyme patients have a herxheimer reaction after hyperbaric oxygen due to the die-off of Borrelia from oxygen exposure. Additionally, hyperbaric oxygen is anti-inflammatory, which can reduce the aches and pains. It increases oxygen to the brain, helping with the fatigue and brain fog. The increased pressure from hyperbaric oxygen also stimulates our body’s stem cells and mitochondria, which can assist in fighting the hidden bacteria.

We’ve treated a number of Lyme disease patients here at our clinic quite successfully. Most have exhibited increased energy, decreased brain fog, and a reduction in their pain levels. But as stated earlier, there can be some herxing at the beginning of treatments as is typical when Lyme patients begin treatment protocols. This usually subsides within 5-10 sessions.

Don’t suffer needlessly. Even without the proper diagnosis of Lyme Disease, if you suffer from symptoms that sound like Lyme, get some help. Get in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber and get your system oxygenated.

Lyme Disease