Stem cells may not be part of your every day language, but they might in the future.

Why are stem cells important? Stem cells are found in the bone marrow and can develop into any cell type, thereby allowing the body to heal more rapidly. If your liver is damaged, or heart, or brain, your bone marrow releases stem cells and they can go to that body part and repair the damaged cells.

There is some controversy about using umbilical cord blood to harvest stem cells for different types of diseases. What’s exciting is that hyperbaric oxygen can stimulate our own bone marrow to release stem cells without the need for donation of cord blood. So when we tell you that hyperbaric oxygen is good for your health, we mean really good! Recent studies show hyperbaric oxygen stimulates stem cells after radiation, after injury and with cancer treatment. It’s also shown to help regrow nerves, bone and blood vessels.

So whether you are struggling with some health issues, or just want to remain healthy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help in powerful ways.

Know More About Stem Cells And Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?