The more we look, the more we find. At the conference, I attended last month, there were many different lectures on how Hyperbaric oxygen could help with this disease and that disease; and it’s all very exciting. However, many of the diseases that they lectured on were acute and traumatic situations that we don’t see very often in our clinic: extensive wounds after an accident, 1 day post-stroke etc. We tend to see more chronic issues in our clinic and that’s where I see hyperbaric oxygen shine. True, the dramatics of someone being brain-dead and recuperating is exhilarating, but for me, it’s more fulfilling to see someone who has had chronic pain for years get back to their life!

After an injury, some people are left with chronic pain or disability and their doctors can’t find a reason. Theoretically, the wound has healed, the disc is repaired, or the surgery was “successful”. The problem is that for some people, the inflammation that occurs with an injury is never resolved. The body can get confused, or the injury was unaddressed for too long, and now inflammation is in a vicious, self-perpetuating cycle. You can use herbal remedies like those from which are really helpful when it comes to short term relief from inflammation, but you need to deal with the cause itself if you want to be able to recover fully.

Let’s take back pain as an example. You have a disc that has been giving you problems for years and you finally go in and have it repaired. You feel better for a while but then the pain returns and your doctor tells you that there is nothing wrong. Hyperbaric oxygen can be very helpful in this situation. There are numerous studies showing the anti-inflammatory effects of hyperbaric oxygen. Not only does it help to decrease the cytokines, these are the inflammatory chemical messengers, but it helps to stimulate the stem cells that actually help to heal the injury. So, after years of pain, there is finally some hope of actual healing. Give our office a call and see if hyperbaric oxygen treatments can help you.