Hyperbaric Treatments – Hyperbaric Treatments for treating post radiation therapy and chemotherapy

Hyperbaric Treatments have ushered in a new approach to dealing with the effects of radiation therapy and chemotherapy in cancer patients. This new approach that utilizes oxygen in a pressurized chamber is being used around the world and at an increasing pace. Hyperbaric treatments are conducted using highly concentrated oxygen at higher than normal atmospheric pressure levels. The benefit of this combination can result in increased blood flow to injured areas, higher stem cell mobilization, detoxifying, decreased inflammation, and a higher supply of oxygen to the body’s cells.

One side-effect of radiation therapy is osteoradionecrosis. While radiation therapy aims to starve cancer cells of blood and oxygen supply, this effect is also caused on the surrounding bone and tissues. With the lack of blood and oxygen supply these bone and tissue are left with little of what they need to restore themselves to a healed and healthy state. Hyperbaric treatments have been shown to bring blood flow and oxygen back into these deprived areas, often times repairing even the most damaged of areas. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been showing that it can be more effective than conventional penicillin treatments in staving off necrosis.

For those going through chemotherapy a side-effect that can result is known as chemotherapy-induced acral erythema, also known as hand-foot syndrome. This reddening, swelling, and numbness in the hands and feet can result from the leakage of certain chemotherapy drugs during their use. Hyperbaric treatments have shown to be useful in eradicating these drugs from the affected areas, restoring feeling and reducing swelling. The detoxifying benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy along with its ability to build new capillaries (angiogenesis) have given relief to many suffering from the downsides of chemotherapy.

Lastly, studies have shown that cancer cells do not grow well in oxygen rich environments. Rather research has been suggesting that cancer tends to excel in oxygen poor environments. While more research does need to be done in this area, many patients have been searching out ways to flood their bodies with safe amounts of oxygen. This has led them to hyperbaric treatments.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy certainly has gained a place in treating those after radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The benefits of hyperbaric treatments are more widely accepted in the medical community in helping defend against osteoradionecrosis and one can easily search the internet to find compelling before and after images of the effects of this treatment. Be sure to speak to your doctor on how hyperbaric therapy might be able to help with your rehabilitation after radiotherapy and chemotherapy. There are more clinic options than ever before to get your hyperbaric treatments filled making it convenient and cost-effective.