Alzheimer’s disease can be a difficult journey. It’s a struggle for the patient as well as the family. I had a new patient last week, and her husband wanted to know how long it would take for her to get better. That’s a difficult question to answer. Most Alzheimer’s patients have had a good 10 years of brain changes before they start to see symptoms. One hyperbaric treatment won’t reverse that.

However, new studies show that hyperbaric oxygen reduces inflammation in the brain, as well as reduces the tau protein formation, indicative of Alzheimer’s. This is a good sign that we can at least stop the progression of the disease, if not possibly reverse the process.

This is great for prevention as well. If there is Alzheimer’s in your family, or you are just looking to optimize your brain function, Hyperbaric oxygen can be a great tool.

Hyperbaric Treatment helps to Reduce Alzheimer’s Disease