Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment – The incredible gift of pressurized oxygen

A hyperbaric oxygen treatment involves taking concentrated oxygen and administering it in a pressurized environment. Normally, the air we breathe has about 20% oxygen. We breathe that air into our lungs and the hemoglobin in our red blood cells will grab the oxygen in that breath and leave it to our circulation to deliver it throughout our body. In a hyperbaric oxygen treatment when we add pressure you are now able to push greater amounts of oxygen into your body. This process works off of basic physics principles that allow for greater amounts of a gas to be absorbed into a liquid when pressure is increased. Since our bodies are made up of 70% water we have the perfect “container” to capture all of this oxygen within.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been used to aid in a wide range of conditions. Doctors around the world have used it to treat Alzheimers, Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy, Fibromyalgia, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Headaches, Chronic Fatigue, Macular Degeneration, Inflammation, Lupus, Lyme Disease, Crohn’s Disease, Candida, Autism, Parkinson’s, Tough Healing Wounds, and so much more. While the concept of hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been around for hundreds of years, it is only in the twenty or so years that it has grabbed more attention around the world.

During a hyperbaric oxygen treatment you will be placed in a chamber that will be pressurized. Often times you will be in a reclined comfortable position. As the pressure builds you will feel your ears equalize just as they would when coming down from altitude in an airplane. If you’re experiencing sinus congestion or have a history of ear problems that make it difficult to equalize your ears under pressure, your hyperbaric technician will be able to walk you through the procedures of getting your ears to properly and comfortably equalize. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been administered safely to thousands of people around the world and it has a very good safety record.

During your hyperbaric oxygen treatment you will be able to read, listen to music, sleep, or meditate. The therapy is extremely relaxing and often times at O2 UP our clients always want to stay in the therapy for longer amounts of time. During your hyperbaric oxygen treatment you have the chance to get away from the mad rush of daily life and collect yourself in a calm and relaxing setting. We often encourage our clients to just relax and take advantage of the chance to be solitary with your thoughts and be present in a quiet and relaxing environment!