As our population ages, one of the scariest scenarios is losing our brain function with something like dementia or Alzheimers. We start to forget things; we lose our short term memory. As it progresses, it starts to affect our everyday function, impairing our ability to drive as well as other normal activities. Currently, there are no reasonably good pharmaceuticals to help with Alzheimers. Patients just slowly deteriorate.

Luckily, we have some answers in Hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Hyperbaric oxygen can protect the brain. We know it is anti-inflammatory, which helps stop the continued downward spiral of dementia. It works partially as an anti-oxidant, which can improve the learning and memory impairments.

A recent study found that pre-treatment with hyperbaric oxygen in a rat model, prevented learning and memory decline and inhibited brain damage. This means that if you have a family history of dementia and/or Alzheimers, we have a way of slowing down, if not, stopping the progression of the disease! What a great opportunity!! And if you already have some decreased function in your brain, we can help slow down the cognitive decline. The role hyperbaric oxygen therapy can have in healing the brain is truly exciting.

Let us help you keep your healthy brain.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Helps to Healing Brain Function