Last year, we commented on an article from Argentina about treating Covid 19 patients with hyperbaric oxygen. Now that some time has elapsed and there have been more studies, hyperbaric oxygen treatment is looking like a great option.

Covid 19 virus has been shown to be very inflammatory and can have lasting effects on the lungs leading to low oxygen levels in the body. Hyperbaric oxygen is ideal for these patients, as it can provide more oxygen to the body regardless of the lung’s function. We know that it is also a great anti-inflammatory and the most recent study compares it to steroids with better results because it’s not suppressing the immune system.

We have treated patients in our clinic that have struggled with breathing months after having Covid. And they start to feel better within a few treatments. If you have had Covid and are still struggling to get back to feeling normal, please give our office a call.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment For COVID-19 Patients.