August is always a good month for me; I get to attend the annual International Hyperbaric conference. It’s always full of good information and new research published. This last month’s was no different. I think the best lecture of the conference was the one on Alzheimer’s disease.

We’ve written here before about Hyperbaric oxygen and how it reduces inflammation in the brain, which of course is good for Alzheimer’s progression. What’s exciting now is that this new research is showing that Hyperbaric can actually reverse some of the cognitive dysfunction that comes with having Alzheimer’s.

What I have told my patients in the past, is that Hyperbaric oxygen can help to keep the disease from progressing, which is a big deal. In the modern medical standard, there’s not a lot of good options. I know that things like electrical stimulation are being studied, and this post suggests the initial research has shown promise, but this idea is still very much in the research stage. Now I’m very excited that I get to tell my patients that we might actually be able to increase cognitive function and reverse some of the symptoms thanks to Hyperbaric oxygen.

By 2040, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s, will be the leading cause of death second only to cardiovascular disease. That’s only 22 years from now! If we are now seeing that Hyperbaric oxygen is a great tool for healing, let’s get started sooner than later. This technique looks to expose the body to greater air compression, allowing the body to gather more oxygen than normal. When storing oxygen cylinders, this facility makes sure to take appropriate precautions to make sure this oxygen is safely stored away and only used when necessary. This ensures that the facility is abiding by legal requirements, so if you or a parent has Alzheimer’s, or if it is in your family history, give us a call and let’s stop this from progressing.

Hyperbaric oxygen Therapy Helps to Prevent Alzheimer’s