We love our pets and many of us treat our animals like they are our children. So, it’s no surprise that some vets are starting to use Hyperbaric oxygen treatments to help their patients heal.

It’s relatively well known in the equestrian community to use hyperbaric oxygen for a horse injury. Now, however, many local community vets have small chambers in their clinics to treat dogs and cats after surgery or for infections.

Hyperbaric oxygen works on all mammals to help increase oxygen perfusion to a wound, which allows it to heal faster. It is anti-inflammatory which helps reduce swelling. It also stimulates stem cells to aid healing at a deeper level.

If you want to heal, hyperbaric oxygen needs to be one of the tools you use. It can be for a sprained ankle, a surgical wound, a concussion, a stroke. Or if you just want to optimize your overall health, hyperbaric oxygen can help.

If we would give our dog the best care possible, we should give ourselves the best too. Give us a call and we can show you how oxygen can help you heal.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps to Heal Faster in All Mammals