Let’s talk about cancer again. Cancer is such a scary word to some people. And sometimes the treatment can be more damaging than having the cancer in the first place. We are always looking to have the best treatment with the fewest side effects. We need to knock back the cancer without damaging our other cells.
Hyperbaric oxygen can help with that. There are some new studies showing that hyperbaric oxygen can help to lower the dose of therapy needed which allows for less side effects. There is actually a synergistic effect when you use the two modalities together. Hyperbaric oxygen can also reduce the side effects that you do get.
One of the old myths associated with hyperbarics and cancer is that because hyperbaric oxygen can encourage new blood vessel growth, that it will actually worsen the cancer. Again, research is proving the opposite. Cancer cells are very different than healthy cells and they respond differently to oxygen as well. Hyperbaric oxygen helps stimulate new cell growth and new blood vessel growth in healthy tissue. In cancer, it stops cell growth and discourages new blood vessels.
Cancer doesn’t like oxygen!! No matter which treatment you choose to fight the cancer, hyperbaric oxygen can help you heal faster.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps to Heal The Cancer Faster