Sometimes we hear about stories that are amazing tributes to the human spirit and our ability to survive extreme circumstances. Eden Carlson is one those stories. You can google her name and find multiple news articles describing her whole amazing recovery.

The basic story is that she was a 2 year old that drowned in the backyard pool, was severely brain damaged and wasn’t expected to survive. Her family used hyperbaric oxygen therapy to aid in her recovery. Once Eden was released from the hospital, she was treated with just regular oxygen, no pressure. There was no hyperbaric treatment available near her. Even with just regular oxygen, she started to make some improvements. Then when she received the hyperbaric treatments, her recovery took a major turn upwards. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was pivitol in Eden’s recovery.

She now is talking, walking and has almost recovered full cognition. When we look at the brain’s affinity for oxygen and how well it heals, the sky is the limit to what we can achieve. We see such great healing in autism, concussions, post-stroke, and more.

I think the take-away message from Eden’s story is never give up. On a personal level, her parents didn’t give up on her potential. And on a medical level, oxygen has so much potential that we haven’t even thought of. Give us a call on ((424) 256-6287) to see how hyperbaric oxygen can help you.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps Eden Carlson to Recover from Brain Damage