We had a patient come in last week with a broken collar bone. His doctor was hesitant to refer him as he was unsure if hyperbaric oxygen would be good for broken bones. So let’s go back to the basics again.

Every cell in our body needs nutrients from the food that we eat. The oxygen that we breathe gives the fuel to each cell to metabolize the carbs, fats and proteins. That means, literally, every cell needs oxygen to function. It doesn’t matter if it is a nerve cell, a skin cell, a muscle cell or a bone cell. All cells perform optimally in a well oxygenated environment.

So if we are trying to heal from an injury, more oxygen is going to help us heal faster. Skin already heals pretty quickly in relationship to bone, but doing hyperbaric oxygen after a fracture or break, can speed the healing that much more. Some recent studies show that hyperbaric oxygen reduces inflammation and speeds the remineralization of the bone.

If you get injured, no matter what body part, think of hyperbaric oxygen as one tool to help you heal faster.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helpful for Broken Collar Bone