Let’s talk about cancer again. I had a patient come in a few weeks ago with stomach cancer. She has been coming in for 6 months and her oncologist told her to stop hyperbaric treatment because it was making the cancer worse. Respectfully, I told her that I thought her oncologist was mistaken. 

The concern in the uneducated medical field is the knowledge that hyperbaric oxygen helps our bodies create new blood vessels. Logic would dictate that this would also help cancer cells create new blood vessels and therefore make the cancer spread. However, this “logic” isn’t true. Cancer cells by definition don’t act like normal healthy cells. They don’t respond to stimuli the same, they don’t respond to hormones, sugar, and toxins the same, and they don’t respond to oxygen the same.

Cancer cells die in an oxygen-rich environment. Rather than growing new blood vessels, they actually shrink with an increase in oxygen. So hyperbaric oxygen therapy is actually a great tool for dealing with cancer. There are also new studies that show that the combination of chemo and hyperbaric oxygen treatment are better than chemo alone. 

If you have cancer and your oncologist doesn’t have current research on hyperbaric oxygen, please call us so we can help you get the help you need.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Great Tool For Dealing with Cancer