Bell’s Palsy, or idiopathic facial paralysis, as it is now being referred to is a common situation that can seem to come out of nowhere. One of the nerves in the face becomes paralyzed and it leads to an obvious droop in the side of the face, eye, cheek and mouth. It’s named idiopathic because we’re not sure what causes it, but it is often linked to a virus inflaming the facial nerve. For most patients, the inflammation and subsequent droop and paralysis go away on its own and they are back to normal in a month or two. However, for some patients, it can last for months or even years.

I have a patient who came in after 14 months of the initial onset. She thought it had gone away, but she came under some stress and it returned and stayed. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was very helpful in getting it to finally resolve. Her eye stopped tearing, her face tightened up, and even friends that hadn’t seen her in awhile noticed the return of her normal facial features. She reported feeling better within the first few treatments, but it took a few sessions for the nerve to come back. She also noticed an increase in energy after the hyperbaric treatments. So now she continues to do oxygen therapy once a week to boost her energy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a great tool to help your body heal in multiple ways. It reduces inflammation, kills viruses, and stimulates new cell growth. If you are dealing with a difficult health issues, please give us a call and see if hyperbaric oxygen can help.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Bell’s Palsy