Our brain loves oxygen. 20% of the oxygen needed by the body is used just by the brain. That’s quite a lot since the brain only weighs about 3 pounds. That said, as we age, brain function deteriorates, memory starts to go, and we aren’t as quick as we once were. Those of us over 50 are starting to notice these little changes and wondering how we can stop this deterioration. 

One answer: hyperbaric oxygen therapy. As we age, neurons slow down, we accumulate toxins, and we have more inflammation. Adding more oxygen can help change all of these things. Hyperbaric oxygen provides more oxygen to your brain tissue. There are numerous studies showing how anti-inflammatory it is, but there are also new studies showing that it helps with memory recall and other cognitive functions.

A recent study evaluated cognitive function in participants, including information processing speed, episodic memory, working memory, cognitive flexibility, and attention. All patients who underwent a series of hyperbaric treatments scored significantly better on all levels. 

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments can not only help preserve brain function in patients who already have some dementia, or Alzheimer’s,, but it can also stop the decline in healthy aging adults. Please give us a call and let us help you stay young.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Enhance Brain Activity and Other Cognitive Functions