A new patient came in this week with “triple negative” breast cancer. This is an aggressive form of breast cancer and she was looking for some alternative treatments. I knew already that hyperbaric oxygen has proven to be helpful, but I went digging into the research again.

Cancer loves a low oxygen environment. It can spread more rapidly and grow bigger when it can keep oxygen low. So the answer to that, obviously, is give the body more oxygen. Research is growing on using hyperbaric oxygen as an adjunct treatment for various cancers, including this aggressive form. It can help potentiate the chemotherapy, meaning it makes the chemo more effective. It can help reduce healing times after surgery. It can help heal from the radiation treatment as well.

It seems that no matter which cancer you have, or what treatment path you take, hyperbaric oxygen can assist in getting you healthier.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Contributes to Cancer Treatment