I normally write about how hyperbaric oxygen can be helpful in regaining your health. However today, I want to write about a related topic: concussion. Hyperbaric oxygen is great for concussion and post-concussion syndrome. Unfortunately, many concussion patients don’t come in for hyperbarics for many months or years after the initial concussion. Either they don’t realize they have a concussion, or they assume that time will heal their brain.
The FDA has recently authorized marketing of the Brain Trauma Indicator, the first blood test to evaluate mild traumatic brain injury (concussion). It should be available to the public by the end of the year.
Why is this important?
The majority of patients with mild TBI/concussion have a negative CT scan. So they assume there is nothing wrong and they will be better in a few weeks.
Getting help right away can limit the amount of discomfort and work lost. We have multiple patients that have so much post-concussion disability that they are unable to work for months to years.
This blood test potentially helps us diagnose injury that much quicker, so we can begin healing that much quicker too. The sooner we start hyperbaric oxygen for a brain injury, the faster the recovery.

Hyperbaric Oxygen is Great for Concussion and Post-Concussion