It’s nice when what we see clinically is supported in the medical literature. I came across this article the other day on regeneration of nerve fibers after treatment with hyperbaric oxygen. The study looked at imaging of brains before and after treatment with hyperbaric oxygen and found that there was increase in brain blood flow and volume. This means that hyperbaric oxygen induces the brain to grow new blood vessels as well as regenerating nerve fibers. 

What we see clinically is that patients see an improvement with their memory, information processing and overall cognition. This particular study was looking at patients with traumatic brain injury, but we are seeing similar results with patients with Alzheimer’s, strokes and concussions. It doesn’t matter where the injury came from, hyperbaric oxygen helps the brain heal faster.

In medical school we were taught that the brain doesn’t really heal; you can’t grow new neurons. I think we are finally starting to see some information that that is not true. We can heal our brain, we can regrow nerve fibers. If you are struggling with some brain trauma, please give us a call so we can help your brain heal.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Helps In Regeneration Of Nerve Fibers.