A wonderful new study was just published on how hyperbaric oxygen enhances cognitive function in healthy older adults. What I love about this study is that it shows that hyperbaric treatment isn’t just for treating disease; it helps us potentially stave off the diseases of aging.

This study took 30 adults over 64 and they received 60 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen over a 3 month period. They were evaluated before and after the treatments for attention span, brain activity, memory, information processing etc. They also received MRIs before and after to measure the physical changes in the brain and blood flow.

The study showed that hyperbaric oxygen treatments significantly increased blood flow to parts of the brain associated with planning, multitasking and episodic memory. And the patients saw the most improvement in attention and information processing speed. How exciting!! One of the biggest concerns of aging is losing cognitive function; not being able to remember things; activities taking longer because your brain doesn’t work as fast. Now we have evidence that we don’t have to “age gracefully”. 

If you would like to improve your brain function, no matter what age you are, give us a call and let us show you how hyperbaric oxygen can make you smarter.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Enhances Cognitive Function In Healthy Older Adults