I’m back from another great hyperbaric oxygen conference 2 weeks ago. The unofficial theme for the conference was “less is more”. We’ve come from an acute crisis platform and treated everyone at high pressure because that’s what worked for scuba divers when they had the Bends.

However, most of our patients are not critically ill from the Bends. Most of our patients have had a stroke or concussion, a heart attack, are recovering from an injury or surgery. Many of the lectures at this conference were a commentary on how using less pressure still gave great outcomes and with less side effects and cost the patient less.

Traumatic brain injury was one lecture in particular that caught my attention. We still have a number of veterans coming home from being deployed in the Middle East with brain injuries, concussions, blast effects and we can treat them comfortably in our small clinics without the need to send them to the large hospital hyperbaric chambers. In fact, they do better in our small chambers. Their vision is better, their headaches improve, their focus is clearer, their sleep is more restful. Oxygen heals. Pressure heals. And when you put them together, you get a synergistic affect and the healing accelerates.

Don’t continue to suffer needlessly when healing is so close and available.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Conference- Discussion on Benefit Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy