Another exciting story of how hyperbaric oxygen can help concussion. A patient recently returned from a trip to Italy. She tripped over some construction and fell head first into a brick wall: 2 black eyes, gash on her forehead and a concussion. 10 days later she comes into my office with blurry vision, fatigue, brain fog and an inability to work because she can’t focus.

After she gets out of the first session of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in our Los Angeles center, she says, “Oh my God. I can see clearly again.” After the 4th session of HBOT, her brain is clearing and she’s starting to feel like herself again. Her knee is starting to feel better, although she didn’t mention the knee injury on her first visit. (When she fell she twisted her knee and her wrist.) She is going back to work in 2 days and she feels like she can function again.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) helps heal the brain by reducing inflammation and bringing nutrients to the cells. Our brains are in a tight compartment, which keeps them protected in general, but when they get traumatized, it also keeps the swelling inside. The increased swelling from an injury can cause the brain fog, fatigue, decreased vision and distorted thinking. Thank goodness we have a tool that can bring healing so quickly.

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Can Help Concussion