Cancer can be a scary diagnosis, and thinking about chemotherapy and radiation can be overwhelming. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has become a great tool to offset the side effects of these treatments.
There is a misconception when it comes to cancer and oxygen: that all cells, including cancer tissue, need oxygen to grow and hyperbaric oxygen provides high oxygen levels; therefore hyperbaric oxygen will stimulate cancer growth. However, in numerous studies, just the opposite has occurred. Many cancers exist and thrive in a low oxygen environment, so adding increased oxygen can help starve the cancer. Although HBOT in itself is not a replacement for cancer treatment, it can be a modality among many to help the body fight cancer.
It is also a great tool to help reduce the side effects of chemo and radiation. In the 1970’s, a radiation oncologist actually showed a synergistic effect of radiation plus HBOT, meaning that he got better results with HBOT than with radiation alone. We are also seeing a decrease in the fatigue, nausea, hair loss and white blood cell loss with chemotherapy when we use HBOT in conjunction.
Most of the discomfort of cancer comes from the treatment with chemotherapy or radiation and we can minimize that by using hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy as a part of the treatment: less fatigue, less hair loss, less nausea, quicker healing from surgery. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy could be a very beneficial addition to your cancer treatment.

Cancer Side Effects Treatment Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)