We’ve written before about the benefits of oxygen and healing, and yet it still continues to amaze me how quickly it works. We had a 13 year old boy in last week who had broken his hand and was unable to make a fist. He had been receiving some other treatment on it to help with the pain, but was still not as functional as he would like to be. And with a baseball tournament in the near future, he was anxious to get back to playing. After the first treatment of hyperbaric oxygen, he was able to make a fist, and after the next 5 treatments, he is back to throwing a ball around. Oxygen feeds our cells, so just increasing the amount of oxygen in his body helped him to heal faster. However, the pressure from the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is also anti-inflammatory and stimulates stem cells. This allows for decreased swelling and inflammation. This particular patient broke the growth plate on the bone in his hand, which has the potential to stunt the growth of that bone. However, my guess is that with all the healing that took place with the hyperbaric treatments, he won’t have any growth issues moving forward.

And, remember, hyperbaric oxygen therapy isn’t just for athletic injuries. Any injury can benefit from it: a fall at work, twisting your knee going up the stairs, etc. Don’t suffer longer than you need to. The sooner you get into the chamber, the sooner you can start to feel better.


Benefits of Oxygen in Wound Healing