I’m sure I say this a lot, but hyperbaric oxygen never ceases to amaze me. We have a new patient this month seeking treatment for radiation injury. She had surgery to remove a cancerous growth. The surgeon did radiation as well, which caused some additional injury and an infection that wouldn’t go away.

A side note on radiation treatment: once cancer has been surgically removed, radiation is applied to the area to eradicate  any tiny cancer that is still present. The problem is that the radiation damages the healthy tissue there too and creates some injury. So now you are dealing with the surgical wounds as well as the radiation wound.

Now, the surgery and radiation were done over a year ago on this patient, and she has been suffering this whole time. After 10 hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments we are already seeing some big improvements in her infection and discomfort.

One of our concerns in this field is that we’re not seeing patients right after the radiation treatment. If she had received hyperbaric oxygen quickly after her treatment, we could have greatly reduced her suffering and sped up her healing.

However, that being said, why I am consistently amazed is that a year later we are still getting fantastic results. Yes, of course, it would be ideal to get patients into hyperbaric chambers as soon as possible after the surgery/radiation/chemotherapy etc, but we still can help years later. 

If you are suffering from a radiation injury, or if you are currently undergoing radiation treatment, please give us a call so we can help speed up your healing process with some hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Benefits of hyperbaric oxygen treatments after surgery/radiation/chemotherapy