I love seeing post-surgical patients in our office. They see such quick results with hyperbaric oxygen treatments. We know that hyperbaric oxygen helps in at least 2 ways: reduces inflammation and increases oxygen in the body. This helps healing on both fronts. When there is an injury, whether it’s an accident or a surgical incision, blood supply is cut off from that area. If the injury is extensive, it can be difficult to re-establish blood supply quickly. Hyperbaric oxygen helps repair the tissue faster.

Normal oxygen levels are dependent on red blood cells. Oxygen molecules are attached to the red blood cells and they get delivered to every cell throughout the body. When there is an injury and blood flow is disrupted, blood and oxygen supply are limited. Hyperbaric oxygen conditions allow for oxygen to supersaturate the body and now there is some oxygen free-floating in the plasma which can reach the area of the body that has limited blood supply, allowing it to heal faster.

An injury also involves inflammation. Generally, at the beginning, that is a positive thing. Inflammation helps to bring all of the healing elements to the injured area. However, all that extra fluid usually brings some pain as well. There are numerous research studies showing how many inflammatory markers that hyperbaric oxygen helps to reduce. But even more importantly, we have a multitude of patients who tell us how good they feel after they’ve healed with treatment.

If you are considering elective surgery, if you’ve had emergency surgery, or if you’ve had an accidental injury, please give us a call and let us show you how to heal faster with hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for Post-Surgical Patients