Concussion is such a satisfying topic to discuss here. Not because I like it when people get concussions, but because hyperbaric oxygen is such a great tool to help heal the brain. We sponsor a Rugby team and the last 2 weeks has brought 3 new concussion patients from the team. As a review, when the head gets hit hard, the brain is stunned and can get some inflammation and decreased circulation. Hyperbaric oxygen treatments affect both of those conditions. 

One of the ways we know how hyperbaric oxygen works is by reducing inflammation. We also know that supersaturating the blood with oxygen also helps increase circulation because it allows the stunned area to heal faster. This can help with brain fog, headaches, dizziness, difficulty sleeping and more.

Depending on how quickly we can get a patient into the chamber after the trauma, we can see symptoms resolve within 3-4 treatments! If the injury is a few months old, it can sometimes take many more treatments. Either way, it is pretty effective in getting a patient back up and functioning again. If you have been diagnosed with a concussion, or you haven’t recovered from a head injury, please give us a call. Healing is right around the corner.

Benefit of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for Concussion