Another great hyperbaric seminar a few weeks ago. So much new research presented. We think of the United States as being somewhat of a leader in the world’s healthcare, yet the hospital to have the most hyperbaric oxygen chambers is not here…it’s in Thailand.
The Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok has 22 large chambers and 40 mild chambers. That’s 62 chambers in one hospital! Many people around the world travel to Thailand for elective surgery because of the quality of service as well as the inexpensive price tag. The doctors there find that the oxygen treatment before and after surgery gets better results and faster healing.

If you can get hyper oxygenated before your surgery, you are more likely to recover quicker from the anesthesia. And then oxygen helps your cells heal faster, so getting in right after surgery quickens the healing as well. Many of our clients come to us because their plastic surgeon has recommended it.
If you are planning a surgery, whether elective or not, talk to your doctor about doing hyperbaric oxygen before and after. You will be back on your feet a lot faster and your body will thank you.

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Benefit Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Before And After Surgery