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Welcome to Los Angeles’ premier hyperbaric therapy clinic. At O2 UP you can experience the incredible healing potential of oxygen under pressure. Hyperbaric oxygen can help your system to detoxify, reduce inflammation, increase stem cell production, and improve circulation. Whether you’re living with an existing condition, looking to heal faster, or searching for the preventative health benefits of oxygen; You can trust O2 UP to give you the best hyperbaric therapy experience possible!

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Hyperbarics has helped with:

Checkmark Multiple Sclerosis
Checkmark Autism
Checkmark Parkinson’s
Checkmark TBI
Checkmark Fibromyalgia
Checkmark Arthritis
Checkmark Migraine Headaches
Checkmark Chronic Fatigue
Checkmark And many many more!

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“Hyperbaric therapy works. After each session I feel a
significant boost in my stamina and performance. If you live
and breathe in Los Angeles you must visit O2 UP!”

- Sebastien Lagree,
Celebrity trainer and fitness guru



“After the first three treatments, the pain in my hand subsided,
my breathing deepened, and my energy improved.”

- Pamela D.,
Times Bestselling Author, Los Angeles

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