Shannon M I cannot express how grateful I am for this treatment and most importantly Bryan Johnson, the owner and operator of 02 UP. Before coming here, I had tried all of the other hyperbaric services in los angeles, as it is the furthest from my home and I knew I would be doing a lot of driving every day in heavy traffic. All I can say is Bryan is the only practitioner I can whole heartedly recommend in this category. His presence and the environment he provides are peaceful, positive and deeply healing.

Shannon M.

Aisha K I was looking for a way to reduce swelling and speed up wound healing after a recent surgery. I was feeling lethargic from being unable to exercise for six weeks and no matter how much arnica I used I was still very swollen. After two sessions the discoloration i had from bruising was 80% less and the swelling was also greatly reduced. I felt so much energy after the sessions as if I were simultaneously relaxed and given a cup of coffee! I can't wait to do my remaining 4 sessions and would recommend this place and bryan if you feel a hyperbaric session may help you in some way.

Aisha K.

Jill-T I first tried oxygen therapy after a surgery.. I was told it was good for swelling/bruising and healing. Its all true. Brian, the owner is the sweetest/kindest person. He makes you feel comfortable and makes the experience, awkward at first once you get used to it really pleasurable. The results are immediate especial if you keep it up.. You can buy a series which is a better deal and gets you to go bc the more you go the better results you will have. O2 Up is the best..

Jill T.
Beverly Hills, CA

Rosalia L I have been using the treatment in addition to changing my diet as part of a healing protocol for autoimmune disease. Before the treatments I had so much joint pain, that I could barely walk, use my hands, or even dress myself on most days. The pain was indescribable and on top of that as a dancer. After the first 10 treatments which I completed in two weeks, my pain was dramatically reduced. I could jog and work out. I was slowly able to start training in modern again and have been steadily getting better enough to start ballet. After the last 3 treatments my pain is *almost gone*!!!! I am overjoyed to be able to dance again.

Rosalia L.


hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber treatment clinic in Los Angeles

Welcome to Los Angeles’ premier hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinic.

At O2 UP you can experience the incredible healing potential of oxygen under pressure. Hyperbaric oxygen can help your system to detoxify, reduce inflammation, stimulate healing response, and improve circulation. Whether you’re living with an existing condition, looking to heal faster, or searching for the preventative health benefits of oxygen; You can trust O2 UP to give you the best hyperbaric therapy experience possible!

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Welcome to Los Angeles’ premier hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinic

How does hyperbarics work?

Hyperbaric  oxygen therapy works in an incredibly simple yet effective way. By taking oxygen and placing it under greater than normal pressure we are able to push this oxygen into your blood plasma, tissues, and body fluids; literally super-oxygenating your entire system! The entire process of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is grounded in basic physics laws. At O2 UP we utilize these laws for the benefit of your health.

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How does hyperbaric oxygen work?

Physics laws state that fluid absorbs more oxygen when it is under pressure.

In a hyperbaric chamber high amounts of oxygen are absorbed into the blood, body fluids, and tissue

Actual Blood Cells Before

Image of clumped red blood cells right before hyperbaric therapy

Hyperbaric Therapy After

Image of red blood cells separating and energized immediately after the hyperbaric session


And Vitamin Injection With

Dr. Fillis

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